Friday, 3 September 2010


Hi guys, I've got an update for you. I'm having to split the two ARCs up to make the tour go faster so I'm sending the ANNOTATED ARC (i.e. the one you can write in) to people who have already read the book first. I'm going to send the CLEAN ARC (i.e. the one you can't write in) to people who haven't read the book so they can make notes for when they DO get the annotated ARC. Hope that makes sense! I strongly feel that we should send the ANNOTATED ARC recorded delivery so that we can track it. I would be devastated if it got lost in the mail and we had nothing to present to Jennifer in October. Hope everyone agrees with this.

I now have confirmation that the Bloggers launch party for Raised by Wolves will be on 4th October from 5pm onwards and the invitations have gone out! I really hope that you guys can make it and of course I will be there and hopefully get to meet some of you!

Any questions, queries etc then please contact me.


Sarah said...

Hey Lynsey, I'm really looking forward to this event & taking part in this tour! I've saved the date & will definitely be attending :o)

I just wanted to let you know I've now read the book so can you add me to the tour for the annotated arc?

I think it's a great idea to send the book recorded delivery. It would be awful if it got lost in the post & since it's only a UK tour I don't think it will be too expensive to post :o) I'm looking forward to seeing everyones notes!