The Rules

If you want to participate in UK Book Tours, there are a few groundrules I'm afraid. Think of it as a joint agreement that we make to each other.

1. You must have been a book blogger for at least 3 months and blog regularly.

2. You must agree to the fund the postage costs yourself in order to send the book on to the next person. Don't forget to ask for proof of posting (receipt).

3. You have a maximum of 2 weeks to keep the book, read it and pass it on.

4. Treat the ARC's/books with the utmost respect.

5. Please let me know if you can donate a book/ARC and whether you want it back. Be aware that it may get lost in the post so do not donate something you're not willing to lose.

6. Please write reviews and share them on your blog and other websites if you liked the book.

7. Please e mail me to let me know when you have sent or received a book.  That way I can track where the book is at any given time.

And that's it. This is the first and only UK only book tours site that I know of and I'm hoping that you'll join me in making it a success. Thank you all :)