Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Welcome to UK Book Tours! As a book blogger, I know how difficult it is to keep up with bloggers and their book collections. I also see the harsh reality that UK bloggers are disadvantaged when it comes to getting ARC's from the USA, especially if the UK rights have not yet been sold. It doesn't mean we can't still get hold of the book on release date though thanks to online sellers. I set up this site so that UK book bloggers could share their books with fellow UK book bloggers and to encourage the donation of ARC's/books to the UK crowd.

Please sign up by following the blog and e mail me at lynseynewton@gmail.com to let me know what books and/or ARC's you'd be willing to donate or lend to the site. I must stress that there are a few rules however...

1. You must have been a book blogger for at least 3 months and blog regularly.

2. You must agree to the fund the postage costs yourself in order to send the book on to the next person.

3. You have a maximum of 2 weeks to keep the book, read it and pass it on.

4. Treat the ARC's/books with the utmost respect.

And that's it. This is the first and only UK only book tours site that I know of and I'm hoping that you'll join me in making it a success. Thank you all :)


Lynsey Newton said...

Just testing this to see if it works :)

Becky said...

Testing! Testing!

Okay Lynsey, I think you got it working :-) Bravo.

I think maybe there should be an ARC suggestion page of things people would like to see touring around. Some of us may have them and be happy to share once we've done our reviews.

Also one query, would we need permission to send our ARCS out on the road from the publishers? I mean if you look at our Torment arcs they had an internal distribution only thing typed inside.

Lynsey Newton said...

Great suggestions Becky and one that I think we should ask Lauren about next week.

If I figure out how to have separate pages then I'll do it! LOL

Splendibird said...

I am a fairly new UK blogger (I only make it over your 3 month limit on the 18th of this month!) and am delighted to see that someone has come up with this. I would love to be included. I have only just started receiving review copies so probably don't have much of interest to share, but would certainly be willing to do so. Such a good idea!

Becky said...

Lynsey, I am beginning to think I need to give you some lessons with Blogger. Or if it helps and you trust me enough, you could add me as a team member and I could set the pages up for you. After next week, I will have the time. Yay for summer holidays!

Lynsey Newton said...

OMG Becky you just made me snort my drink! Yes I definitely need a bit of help. Want to be an administrator with me?

Nayuleska said...

Lynsey this is such a fab idea. Great questions raised too.

(Um, it's ok that my Torment isn't leaving my house, right? I love it so much!)

Becky&Lynsey, maybe there could be a permanent page where we can list the books we're happy to give away?

CarlyB said...

Yay! This is awesome :) x

Sarah said...

This is such a fab idea Lynsey :o) I'm really looking forward to taking part! I've already mentioned you can have the Low Red Moon ARC to use when it's finished the tour I'm already organising. I'm sure I've got some others you could use too but as I've already started boxing up all my books I'll have to sort it out when I've moved house. I'll give you a shout with any I come across though :o)