Saturday, 31 July 2010

Let the tours commence

OK guys, I'm about to start packaging up books for the tours. I'm going to try not to send a lot of books to one person at the same time so the running order for the tours may change. I.E. if you signed up first for a particular tour, you may not actually be first to get the book especially if you are already receiving another book from a separate tour. Does that make sense?

I'm going to need you to e mail me your addresses at Obviously this is for my information only but of course I will have to pass your address on to the person sending you the book next. You will need to let me know when you have received the book and contact me for information about who to send it to next. Please remember to familiarise yourself with The Rules.

If you don't receive a book and you were first on the tour, please bear in mind that I may not have received the book yet as I'm still waiting for some to arrive.

Happy reading and I hope you'll all write reviews. I think I'm going to have a separate page where I can link your reviews. We'll see... Also, don't forget to look at the UPCOMING TOURS page as I'm working really hard to get some great books for future tours.