Thursday, 5 August 2010

Update on Tours

Before I Fall has been sent to Chrissie Goldsmith
Bree Tanner and Sisters Red has been sent to Jessica (Nayuleska)
By Midnight has been sent to Susan Mann
Restoring Harmony has been sent to Emma (Asamum)
The Crescent has been sent to Sya (Splendibird)
The Lonely Hearts Club has been sent to Carly Bennett
Torment has been sent to Dwayne.

I'm going to speak to the person with Matched to send it to the first person on the list which will be Clover. The other tours haven't started yet because I didn't have all your addresses, and I ran out of envelopes LOL. I'm still waiting for my Linger ARC to arrive.

Please let me know when these books arrive so I can put it in the system and contact me when you need the details for the next person in the tour. Happy reading! :)


asamum said...

Thanks Lyndsey, you are awesome :D

chrissie_goldsmith said...

Thanks Lyndsey! I can't wait for Before I Fall to arrive so I can get started on it!!!

CarlyB said...

Ooh yay, can't wait, will let you know when The Lonely Hearts Club arrives!x

CarlyB said...

Ha, it just arrived :). How speedy!x

redheadtolly said...

Just finished raised by wolves loved it really really enjoyed i am posting to L.Newton tomorrow.

Can i join the tours?


Lynsey Newton said...

Clare, have you been book blogging for a few months? let me know the address of your blog and I'll let you know :)

Dwayne said...

Hi Lynsey, I got Torment :D Thank you thank you:D Will start it asap!

lanna-lovely said...

You're awesome, I wish there was more UK tour sites, there's so many US ones.

Is it too late to join the Matched tour, if it's just starting?

lanna-lovely said...

Oh and do we need to email your addresses when we join the site or just if we're a part of a tour?

(Oh and I've been blogging for over a year: )

Clover said...

Oh YAY. I'm excited already :)

CarlyB said...

Just to let you know I received Before I Fall from Chrissie just now, yay!x