Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm a little late with this but Happy New Year to you all! And thank you for making UK Book Tours a success in 2010. Here's hoping to another successful year full of lots of great books! I'm hoping this year will be really exciting, especially as I'm attending BEA (Book Expo America) and hoping to bring lots of goodies home with me :) It's going to cost me an absolute fortune but the experience alone is worth it. Unfortunately, due to the high cost I'm thinking this is a one time only thing so I'd better make it count. I want to try and document the trip on my regular blog Narratively Speaking and I hope you'll take a look as a way of sharing the experience with me.

Anyway, that's in May. In the meantime, we've got some FANTASTIC releases ahead of us so keep your fingers crossed that we can get hold of some of the books. I'm going to work harder to answer your e mails faster and stay on top of things better. 2011 is a year of getting organised for me. I know some tours have gone a bit quiet but now that the festive period is over, normal service can resume. So, I wish you all a Happy New Year and happy reading! x


asamum said...

Happy New Year sweetie.
You have done an absolutely fantastic job with the tours & I for one really appreciate being ablte to read these fantastic books.
You know if you need any help. I can always keep a copy of the tours etc for back-up. I am sure a few other people would offer as well.
I am so jealous of BEA - I will get there eventually. Have a brilliant time and I look forward to reading your posts :D

Vivienne said...

Happy New Year Lynsey. Thanks for organising such a wonderful blog. My eyes light up when I see a parcel coming from you. I am rather envious too about your trip to BEA. One day maybe I will get there. Can't wait to hear more.

Sarah said...

Happy New Year Lynsey!! Thanks so much for all your hard work organising the tour site :o) I'm so pleased you're going to be able to go to BEA, I hope you have an amazing time & I'll look forward to experiencing it through your blog posts!