Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Well, the problems with my laptop continue but I've managed to salvage some data from it so the tours are back on and I have replied to all e mails.

I want to let you all know that I've added the "Mr Linky" feature to each tour post so you can now link your reviews. I would really appreciate it if you would link your past and present reviews of books you've read through the tour site :)

I'm also going to start chasing people who haven't contacted me lately as there are some books that haven't moved in a while. Don't forget that whilst I'm usually quite flexible, you are only supposed to have a maximum period of two weeks to read the book. I realise that now it's Christmas, the post will slow down a little and there will be some delays that are unavoidable so that will be kept in mind.

Can I also take this opportunity to remind people to take good care of the books that are in their posession please as well. And I'd like to ask people who have donated books to the tour site and would like them back at the end of the tour to contact me and remind me which books are theirs so I have a record.

That's it, thanks to everyone for making UK Book Tours a success and Merry Christmas!



Sarah said...

Hi Lynsey, sorry to hear you're still having problems with your emails! I'll go through my reviews & add the links for you :o)

Just to let you know I didn't receive the addresses I need to send on The Eternal Ones & Awakened, I'll send you another email in case my last one went missing

Sarah said...

Hi Lynsey, I didn't realise that the linky was the same one for all of the tours so can you please delete the first 2 links where I just put my blog name? I've added all of my links now by book title so people will know what they're clicking on :o)

Carmen said...

Merry Christmas Sarah and thanks for your lovely email accepting me! Yay!

Vivienne said...

Lynsey - it really is lovely to see you back in action. I already emailed you about sending mine on this week. Another fab read.

Nayuleska said...

Hi Lindsey,

Yay to have you back!

Um...still haven't reply to my emails...I've had some of the books for weeks!

Lynsey Newton said...

I answered all e mails before Christmas. All further e mails will be answered accordingly.

Nayuleska said...

Thanks Lynsey :) Looking forward to catching up soon.

Clover said...

Hi Lynsey - I love the idea of seeing people's reviews of the books, but I'm having trouble linking mine. Perhaps a google doc thing like The Story Siren has for her new IMM posts would be better? Or maybe I just need to be patient and let the Mr Linky load before trying another link... :)