Tuesday, 4 January 2011


I'm sure that the majority of us will have heard of the buzz surrounding the US release of Paranormalcy back in August 2010. Well, 5 months later it has hit the British shores and Harper Collins are publishing it THIS MONTH. Just in case you're not familiar with the story, check out the Goodreads description here. Also, if you want to see something funny that I did when this book was first released, have a look at this post on my regular blog.

As always, just leave me a comment with your name and e mail address if you want to sign up for this. Also, don't forget to read the rules before participating.


Clover said...

Ooh! I've heard really good things about this one, would love to read it.

flutteringbutterfliesblog (a) googlemail (dot) com

Thanks so much Lynsey :)

Natasha said...

Been waiting for this book for what seems like forever.


Carmen said...

Would love to read it :)


Vivienne said...

ooh yes please Lynsey. It sounds fabulous. Thanks for doing such a wonderful blog.


BooksforCompany said...

Would love to if this hasn't already took place!

Carmen said...

Would also loveto join this one too :)