Monday, 15 November 2010


Thanks to Hodder, I've got an ARC of Delirium by Lauren Oliver ready to go on tour. I've been waiting for this book for a long time now. After reading Before I Fall, Lauren Oliver is fast becoming one of my favourite authors and having read the first chapter of Delirium, I already love it. I get the feeling that this book is going to be very profound. The only reason I haven't finished reading it yet, is due to other reading commitments. If you haven't heard of the book, firstly where have you been?! And secondly, check out the Goodreads description here.

Also, I don't know whether you all know this but I chose the title for the sequel - PANDEMONIUM, which I'm very proud of. So, this book has special connotations attached to it for me now.

As always, just leave me a comment with your name and e mail address if you want to sign up for this. Also, don't forget to read the rules before participating. If you are new to this site, you need to e mail me with your address and the link to your blog. I have not got time to chase you!

I've added add a new feature so you can link your reviews to the site. When you've read and reviewed the book, please remember to come back and link your review. Thanks :)


Vivienne said...

I would love to sign up for this tour.

Vivienne Dacosta


asamum said...

Me again

The Slowest Bookworm said...

I hope it's ok for me to ask for this too ... with being new and all that.

AngelGoneMad said...

Please add me to this tour =)

Naomi aka Supernatural Bookworm

shoutnaomi at googlemail dot com

Splendibird said...

Definitely - it looks amazing!


mountainsofinstead at googlemail dot com

Dwayne said...
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katrina said...

Can i join this one too please